Pencil drawing on paper by Ramon Palmarola (1908)

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Pencil drawing on paper by Ramon Palmarola (1908)

Modernist style drawing by Ramon Palmarola Romeu (Barcelona, 1877 - 1954). The illustration is signed and dated in 1908.

Palmarola studied with Ramon Martí Alsina and Ricard Martí Aguiló. He took part in several official exhibitions. In 1905 he went to live in Paris until 1914, where he participated in several French national exhibitions. When he returned to Spain he lived for a few years in Madrid where he painted several portraits for the royal family. He also exhibited and traveled throughout Europe and South America. As more outstanding works we have Death of a Shepherd, Fidelity, Portraits of Malats, Grenades and the self-portrait of 1906.

Measures illustration: 64 x 24.5 cm

Measures with the frame: 87.5 x 46.5 cm

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