Symphonion music box

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Symphonion music box

Beautiful music box from approximately 1890.

Mechanism serial number 142724. Wooden box decorated with the coat of arms of Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Belgium, and the coat of arms of the Austrian Empire of Franz Joseph (used from 1848-1916).

Inside it has a sheet with instructions written in English, French and German.


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The Symphonion Musikwerke company (Leipzig, Germany) was founded in 1885 and became the world's first commercial producer of music boxes. Eduard Kuhn, Paul Lochmann and Ernst Lochmann were the shareholders of the company. Symphonion products were very successful quickly, so much so that in 1896 they established a subsidiary in New Jersey, in the United States, under the name The Imperial Symphonion Manufacturing Company. In 1901 they also opened a factory in New York. In 1912 the company announced bankruptcy alleging the liquidity crisis and failed investments.

Together with the Polyphonies Musikwerke and Regina Music Box Company they were known as the Die Grosse Drei (the big three), for being the maximum products of music boxes and perforated discs.

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