19th century dress

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19th century dress

Fabulous full dress made of aubergine silk with burgundy trim. Details of blonde under the button. It is made in three pieces: simple button body adorned with pleats and scallops, belt with small bow at the front and large bow at the back; long ruffled skirt; and on the other hand, pleated and pumped skirt on the back.

It bears the brand of the seamstress: Maison de Mme Lepot, 104 rue de l'Hôpital Militaire in Lille.

The suit complete with hat with marabou feathers and other decorations.

Belonging to a lady born in Tourcoing, was used around 1865.

The dress is completed with a black marabou feather, about 65 cm long, with an applique to stick to the hair with needles.

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